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Siepe Sports are a boutique B2B sports marketing company, helping remove the risk from risk-based marketing campaigns centred upon sporting events (and constituent team/individual performances). We also offer Revenue Protection services and a traditional Bonus Management product for the professional sports sector. Our clients range from international sporting federations, to multinational non-sports retail outlets.

Helping organisations realise opportunity and provide consistency through Sports Risk Marketing Solutions

Siepe Sports are an innovative agency specialising in reducing the risks associated with marketing campaigns centred around sports results. Expertise in risk-management and financial markets enables us to offer our clients the ability to precisely define and manage their potential exposures, in a highly cost-effective manner. Insure yourself against that last-minute winner, or freak run-chase. Remove any uncertainty from your next marketing budget. Join international sporting federations and multinational retailers

Services we offer

Risk Integrated Marketing

Promotional Risk Marketing

Risk Integrated Marketing

Risk Promotions give clients a unique marketing weapon, that often results in a social media buzz. Passionate allegiances in the sports environment also help ensure a long-lasting relationship between your brand and target audience. Siepe Sports will remove volatility from the relevant sporting event, helping you budget for all outcomes.

Sports Bonus Management

Golfer Skyline

Sports Bonus Management

Sports team / player partnerships guarantee high levels of public exposure, but also result in significant financial exposure via performance-related bonuses. Siepe Sports Bonus Management can reduce these liabilities in a cost-effective manner, leaving clients free to focus all efforts on optimising their relationship with the latest Premier League superstar.



Are you organising a society, corporate or charity golf event?  A hole-in-one contest puts golfers just one shot away from winning a fabulous prize like the pros. It doesn’t matter the level of golfer, one lucky shot is all that is needed. All you pay is a small premium which is a fraction of the giveaway prize and your golf day is complete..

Sports Revenue Protection

Revenue Protection

Sports Revenue Protection

Revenue protection is a simple and cost-efficient method to ensure our clients are not directly affected by fiscal fluctuations connected to adverse sports results. Siepe Sports will help protect any projected revenues, allowing your business to remove the fog of uncertainty, and budget with confidence for the months ahead.

Sports Risk Consultancy

Sports Risk Consultancy

Sporting organisations are still playing catch-up to corporates in their risk management strategies. Yet sport in the 21st Century is big business and big news. The consequences of mishaps are proportional to that magnitude. Siepe Sports can help you define and manage potential exposures in a cost-effective manner.

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What sports do Siepe Sports cover?

Siepe Sports cover all major sports and additionally a small number of selected non-sporting events such as the X Factor.

Can my business utilise sports based marketing?

Yes. All business verticals and industry sectors can utilise Siepe Sports’ promotional risk marketing product. It is not restricted to sports based companies and brands.

What are the costs incurred when taking a policy with Siepe Sports?

All Siepe Sports policies are quoted and payable as a single fixed fee. There are no additional costs, hidden charges or excesses due in the case of a claim.

How much does it cost to run a promotional risk marketing campaign?

Siepe Sports can design and implement a campaign with a risk profile and premium to fit any budget. Our dedicated Account Managers work with clients from the planning phase to maximise campaign impact on any budget.

Do Siepe Sports offer hole in one insurance?

Yes. We offer cover for tournaments played on all major professional tours. We also provide off the shelf hole in one insurance packages and bespoke cover for amateur golf days and corporate events.

How do Siepe Sports manage risk?

Siepe Sports utilise the whole risk market including traditional insurance and specialist non-insurance markets to offer our clients the most competitive premiums.

Do Siepe Sports offer ‘negative outcome‘ sports cover?

Yes, but on a case by case basis. We work with official rights holders, broadcasters, and plc businesses adversely affected by professional sports outcomes but not directly involved in the results. Clubs and individual performance would not be covered due to the inherent integrity issues.

I want to run a campaign but don’t have the resource to activate it, can you help?

Yes. Siepe Sports’ preferred marketing agency is Home who offer a full suite of marketing products and services. We work hand in hand with Home to offer our clients a fully managed campaign at a single fixed cost.

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