Risk Ratings and Analytics

Risk Ratings and Analytics

Rating sports risk is a highly specialised field. It is not simply a case of reviewing loss ratios, burn rates or a snap shot of recent performance as with many insurance classes. Premiums derived in this manner are frequently inaccurate resulting in either capital placed at risk too cheaply or prohibitive pricing for clients. In summary a lack of understanding of the fundamental underlying risk has resulted in a poor spread of premium written and ultimately an unstainable business class with many underwriters and markets now opting to avoid and pursue other lines in preference.

At Siepe Sports we supply accurate, impartial sports risk ratings and analytics to the insurance market. Our ratings permit comprehensive, correctly priced policies to be written with a high level of confidence, allowing tighter margins which in turn drive turnover and profitability. We work across the insurance industry including with both brokers and underwriters.

How it works:

Using high granularity bespoke datasets and proprietary analytical models we are continually simulating leagues and competitions based around individual (team and player ratings). Analytical outputs are blended with qualitative inputs supplied by specialists across all sports (down to a league and competition level). The results are the most accurate risk sports ratings in the market which are proven over recent years.

Our risk ratings are supported with written reports to provide rationale to the numbers provided and may include the likes of potential transfers, injury news, equipment or management changes which will materially impact the probabilities in the immediate term.

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