Sports Risk Consultancy

Sports Risk Consultancy

Sadly, sport often makes the headlines for the wrong reasons, be it corruption allegations, or the perennial problem of performance-enhancing doping. Such stories do great damage to the credibility of the sports involved, alienating fans with sponsors swiftly following out the door. Corporates would never leave themselves exposed to such enormous risks, yet companies in the sporting world are often insufficiently prepared in their identification, assessment and management of risk. Many major risks are unavoidable – crimes like fraud are never going to vanish – and with professional sport being big business these days, it makes for an inevitable target. Sport is also now big news, and thus even the slightest mishap, can become a lead story in a matter of hours. Yet simply adopting the risk-management tools of business is not enough. The sports world has its own rules, with federations and governing bodies often functioning more like NGOs, with social and educational obligations. Siepe Sports are able to consider the entire picture, and help manage your risks in the full context of your organisation.

How it works:

Siepe Sports are available to advise businesses, sponsors and federations on risk. Our consultants have the experience and expertise of operating in the upper echelons of sport, and will help you define and manage potential exposures in a cost-effective manner. No risk is too large or too small for us to engage with. Whilst headline-grabbing events such as mass fraud will always be a central concern, we can also advise on more modern risks such as online slander, or ambush marketing.

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Risk Integrated Marketing

Risk Promotions give clients a unique marketing weapon, that often result in a social media buzz. Passionate allegiances in the sports environment also help ensure a long-lasting relationship between your brand and target audience. Siepe Sports will remove volatility from the relevant sporting event, helping you budget for all leo.

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