We are an innovative sports risk company specialising in risk ratings and analytics.

Risk Ratings and Analytics

Rating sport risks is notoriously difficult and a widely misunderstood insurance class. Siepe Sports utilise high granularity data sets, proprietary analytics, unrivalled analysis coupled with specialist, impartial sport and competition level insight. This permits accurate technical ratings around which policies and premiums can be constructed in the sports contingency insurance market.

Risk Integrated Marketing

Risk Promotions give clients a unique marketing weapon, that often results in a social media buzz. Passionate allegiances in the sports environment also help ensure a long-lasting relationship between your brand and target audience. Siepe Sports will remove volatility from the relevant sporting event, helping you budget for all outcomes.


Are you organising a society, corporate or charity golf event?  A hole-in-one contest puts golfers just one shot away from winning a fabulous prize like the pros. It doesn’t matter the level of golfer, one lucky shot is all that is needed. All you pay is a small premium which is a fraction of the giveaway prize and your golf day is complete.


Sports Risk Consultancy

Siepe Sports are available to advise businesses, sponsors and federations on risk. Our consultants have the experience and expertise of operating in the upper echelons of sport, and will help you define and manage potential exposures in a cost-effective manner. Whilst headline-grabbing events such as mass fraud will always be a central concern, we can also advise on more modern risks such as online slander, or ambush marketing.


Live sports entertainment has just gone to the next level! Pressure Putt provides hours of thrills to give your guests a day they will never forget, and potentially, a prize that will mean their lives will never be the same again! The beauty of our game is that it is suitable for anybody; newcomers or masters, young or old. We will work with you to complement your event and its branding, be it a wedding, business event or charity day. Someone will have a putt for dough….