Sports Revenue Protection

Sports Revenue Protection

Revenue protection is a simple way to ensure a business is not directly affected by the wild vagaries of sporting performance, and the resultant financial implications. Typically companies write off such outcomes with a wry shake of the head and a mutter of, ‘one of those things.’ But it doesn’t have to be this way. Allow Siepe Sports to protect your projected revenues, and ensure a faltering sports team or run of results, does not impact on your growth plan.

How it works:

Siepe Sports will help your business calculate the projected revenues that are dependent on team/individual sporting performance. We can then protect that sum for you, taking on the liability, leaving you free to work to a budget that will be unaffected by a last-minute dodgy back pass.

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Sports Risk Consultancy

Sporting organisations are still playing catch-up to corporates in their risk management strategies. Yet sport in the 21st Century is big business and big news. The consequences of mishaps are proportional to that magnitude. Siepe Sports can help you define and manage potential exposures in a cost-effective manner.

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