Sports Bonus Management

Sports Bonus Management

Sports team / player partnerships are a reliable marketing strategy for brands, large and small alike, keen to profit from our nation’s obsession with sport. Such agreements may guarantee high levels of public exposure, but may also result in significant financial exposure through add-ons and bonuses. These payments are traditionally built into all sponsorship contracts, and are activated once certain pre-agreed performance targets are met. Siepe Sports Bonus Management will help reduce these liabilities in a cost-effective manner, leaving our clients free to focus all their efforts on optimising their relationship with the latest Premier League superstar.

How it works:

Once you have identified a sports team or player to strategically partner, Siepe Sports can assist during contractual negotiations, in determining the probabilities and liabilities associated with the potential performance bonuses on offer. We can then help efficiently manage the resultant risks upfront, allowing you to enjoy the success of your campaign, without worrying that it has been a little too successful.

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Risk Promotions give clients a unique marketing weapon, that often result in a social media buzz. Passionate allegiances in the sports environment also help ensure a long-lasting relationship between your brand and target audience. Siepe Sports will remove volatility from the relevant sporting event, helping you budget for all leo.

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