Risk Integrated Marketing

Risk Integrated Marketing

Risk marketing promotions are a very effective acquisition and retention tool, giving clients a marketing weapon to truly differentiate themselves from the competition. Sports fans share passionate allegiances to clubs, countries and players, and these can be utilised to offer attractive customer offers. Such compelling promotions allow for innovation and flair, thus regularly attracting tabloid media coverage, or generating huge social media / viral buzz. They also help to build a long-lasting relationship between the client’s brand and their target audience. Siepe Sports will remove volatility from the relevant sporting event, helping you budget for all possible money-back or customer reward outcomes.

How it works:

Siepe Sports will work with our clients from project conception through to completion, assembling the most alluring and cost-effective conditional marketing campaign, tailor-made for each individual client. Offers can be based around a specific event or particular player / team, and we make every effort to ensure our suggested promotions complement clients’ brand values. At the outset, we will fully cost all associated liabilities leaving your marketing budget devoid of financial uncertainties.

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Are you organising a society, corporate or charity golf event?  A hole-in-one contest puts golfers just one shot away from winning a fabulous prize like the pros. It doesn’t matter the level of golfer, one lucky shot is all that is needed. All you pay is a small premium which is a fraction of the giveaway prize and your golf day is complete.

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